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Unlike many retreat providers, I am not someone who flies to a warm destination once or twice a year to host a retreat in a chic hotel with all the trimmings.

I’m different.

I fell in love with the Greek islands, with Naxos. I live here most of the year and welcome you with love in my modest place with a beautiful view of and near the sea. I know the island like the back of my hand: from the smallest bay to the highest mountain peak. I can take you to special places.

The luxury here is not in a jacuzzi or a star chef, but in the unspoiled nature, the energetic places and the tranquility. The luxury lies in an abundance of self-collected shells and stones, in countless gems and a variation in laughter and warmth.

If you still feel like more liveliness, the city is only about 10 km away. Or you can enjoy a sunset cocktail or dinner on the beach at nearby Plaka.

This is what this year’s agenda looks like:
28 April – 3 May Retreat on Request
5 – 10 May Knowing me knowing you
12 – 17 May Retreat on Request
19 – 24 May Divine Discovery
26 – 31 May Occupied
2 – 8 June Walk on the Wild side
9 – 14 June Retreat on Request
16 – 21 June Wild Women’s Wisdom
23 – 28 June Retreat on Request
30 June – 5 July Retreat on Request
7 – 12 July Soulcare for Caretakers
14 – 19 July Retreat on Request (OCCUPIED)

Summer break

18 – 23 August Free to Be
25 – 30 August Retreat on Request
September 1 – 6 Wild Women’s Wisdom (SOLD OUT)
8 – 13 September Retreat on Request (OCCUPIED)
15 – 20 September (EXTRA) Wild Women’s Wisdom
22 – 27 September Retreat on Request
29 Sept – 4 October Knowing me knowing you
6 – 11 October Retreat on Request (OCCUPIED)
Month of October Retreat on Request
27 October – 2 November Retreat on Request during the autumn holidays (possibly in group)

If you opt for the total package, you will stay in Magic Land. A guesthouse near the I Ousía area. It is a modest but authentic hotel.

You can also choose a stay yourself, according to your budget and desires. You can go for very basic (e.g. camping) or for something more modern or chic. Learn more

When you opt for the total package, a ‘meet and greet’ is included. You will then be met and taken to your place of residence. But not before we take you to the supermarket for some initial shopping and give you some explanation about the city and surrounding seaside resorts.

Of course. Of course, you can indulge yourself completely, if you want to. I can recommend some classy stays in the area. I can also put you in touch with Michael who gives wonderful massages, or with Bonita, who guarantees wonderful beauty treatments.

No, you arrange your own travel. I will send you a detailed overview of the possibilities when you register. But here’s an idea.

Naxos has a small airport, where only flights from Athens land. So no, you can’t land here directly from Belgium, but you can fly from Athens with Sky Express or with Olympic Air (which has merged with Aegean Air).

Tough question. Everything depends on the period in which you fly and how fast it all has to go.

The easiest way is flight-flight. And that’s actually not always more expensive. Even though it sometimes seems that way. There, too: if you get there early, or wait for a promotion, you can sometimes make a move.
So sometimes you don’t get here for 300 euros!

No, you can opt for travel and cancellation insurance.

Yes, the program is structured in such a way that you are always free in the afternoon. The sessions take place in the morning (9.30 am to 1 pm) and in the evening (usually 6 pm to 8 pm – depending on the sunset).
There is also always one evening and morning that you are free, so that you also have time to do a larger exploration of the island, for example.

Please note: Walk on the Wild Side is a seven-day retreat with a different time schedule 🙂

You just send me a sign-up form with your contact information. Even if you’re not sure which retreat you want to choose. This way we can discuss this and I can help you with this choice.

I will immediately provide you with some travel information and the registration form. The registration is complete when the deposit is paid.

Yes, you will receive a payment invitation for the advance when you register. This amounts to 1/3 ofthe total amount.

That is of course very annoying. The cancellation fee depends on the time of day.
Up to one month before the start of the tour, an administration fee of 50 € will be charged.
From one month before the start, the deposit is non-refundable.
From 14 days before the start the full amount is due.
In case of cancellation during the retreat, the amount paid will not be refunded.

In principle, we guarantee that the course will take place, regardless of the number of participants.

Only in case of force majeure, the course will not take place. We will certainly talk to you. In that case, an alternative program will be sought or the amount paid by you will be refunded in full.

The meals are (with one exception) not included nor organized. Most people choose to have breakfast in the hotel room (a kitchinette is provided) and have lunch and/or dinner in the fantastic local restaurants. The prices here are of a different order than in Belgium.

Participants often agree to have dinner together during the week, but of course everyone is free to do so.

Note: Walk on the Wild Side is a seven-day retreat with a different timetable and includes a simple meal every day.

Sometimes that is immediately clear, it can also be very intuitive. But if you’re in doubt, this might help.

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