But which retreat?


If you don’t know right away…

Here are some indicators!

Some retreats focus on specific groups:

Knowing Me Knowing You
is aimed at couples, that goes without saying. (And no, you don’t have to be in a relationship crisis. You can also just give it to your ‘relationship’.)

It goes without saying that
Wild Women’s Wisdom
is aimed at women. We are also going to work with feminine energy here. We use the power of ancient stories to stand stronger as women in everyday life.

Soulcare for Caretakers is especially for people who are in a caring role/job. Here we zoom in a little extra on self-care: you get concrete tools to implement that self-care in your daily life.

Walk On the Wild Side is a new offer, which is suitable for the rather sporty person. In this group we combine personal development with physically challenging activities. So if you’re more of an outdoorsy person, this might be something for you.

The other three themes are very broad-based:

We always work with the sub-personalities, pieces of ourselves. Because getting to know all those different voices in our head better (even the less pleasant ones) helps us to make easier choices and to stay firmly on our path.

In the thematic retreats, these sub-personalities are always approached through a different metaphor:
Free to be
, is rather general: free to play, free to grow, free to be you…. In
Divine Discovery
we look at our insides through Greek gods and goddesses, while in
Four Elements For Balance
we use the four elements as a direction to look at our selves.
So the choice between these three depends on your connection to these metaphors. (And sometimes it’s just the timing that plays a role, there’s nothing wrong with that. ;-))