Therapist Listener On Demand

Just because it can be good.
Just because sometimes you need it.
Just once.

And then you’re back on the road.


Maybe you don’t have a demand for guidance on a regular basis
But do you want to sit together every now and then?
Maybe you have a permanent supervisor who will help you just fine
But sometimes you feel like a different approach.
Maybe you have a permanent supervisor and things are going well
But if you come across extra questions about a specific theme, you still have to deal with additional questions.

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to have a conversation every now and then.
For you personally, as a therapist or often a combination of both.

A conversation without commitment for a whole accompaniment.
Mayty butterflies, as it were ;-).

I have many years of experience as a psychotherapist, teacher and supervisor. Would you like to know more about my education and background? Feel free to take a look here.

Price: Investment in yourself

A one-time session includes a one-on-one conversation of one and a half hours.
This is possible in Mechelen between November and April.
It can also be done online at any time.

If necessary, you can pass on the theme in advance.

Price for a 90 min session: € 135

Meer info

Possible themes:

  • Voice Dialogue
  • Sexuality
  • Psychotrauma
  • Teamwork
  • Shadow work
  • Bonding Pattern with Client / Transfer - Countertransference
  • Feelings of infatuation
  • Core Quadrant
  • Creative methodologies