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Six-day retreat Soulcare for Caretakers

Sunday 7 to Friday 12 June 2024

After all the taking care of others, you can choose to make time for yourself. To be pampered, to take home pick-me-ups… (By the way, how many times have you advised others to do that?)
Let this retreat be your gift!


Is this for me?

You have a busy practice.
You seem indispensable in your family.
You know you need to take care of yourself, but you’re too tired to do an extra – albeit relaxing – activity.
Day in, day out, you are listening, guiding, helping, motivating, caring…
Your clients, patients, customers, students, residents,… always come first.
You sometimes forget to think about yourself that way.
You really don’t have time for this! Even then, just then, this retreat is really something for you!


What can it help with?

In this retreat you disconnect for a week. Away from the world.
I’m going to pamper you completely.
It’s all about you!
To your insides.
This week you can completely relax and recharge.
We play and meditate, explore and deepen, contemplate and laugh, get lost and find.

At the same time, we also have an eye for the future.
We explore different pieces of ourselves. Making contact with selves that are often left out in the cold in the everyday. Maybe because that caregiver is so at the front.
We are going to investigate what we are good at and where we can add something.
So we also pay attention to how you can take this helping energy with you in your daily life. Which concrete tools work to find those resting points in the hectic pace of everyday life.

To deepen the latter, you can then opt for a follow-up process that keeps you awake, supports you, reminds you of…
And one thing’s for sure: at the end of this week, you’ll go home recharged.

For whom?

To whom is it addressed?

Men and women who mainly take care of others. As a therapist, coach, counselor, nurse, educator, supervisor, doctor, teacher, caregiver, (care) teacher, paramedic,…
Caretakers, in other words, who often put others first.

Caretakers who have the courage to choose for themselves. Even if it’s just for a week. Who may hear a voice inside themselves ‘that this is selfish’, but who at the same time know that they should also take good care of themselves, so that they can continue to take good care of others.
Caretakers who feel like connecting with themselves, with others and with nature.
Caretakers who want to find the fun and the light-hearted within the depth.
Caretakers who want to question themselves in a safe way and, above all, who want to take good care of themselves.


How is work done?

The emphasis is on peace, indulgence, fun, growth, humor, creativity and respect.
We work from desire, connection, awareness and unlimited possibilities.
Don’t expect theories (if you need them, you can always ask for them) but practical applications.
We’re sure to get creative and you’ll go home with a meaningful visual anchor.

More information about the method (link to method at RETREATS – General information)

As always, the background is integrative with a lot of attention to the psychology of the selves of Hal and Sidra Stone (Voice Dialogue). Meditation and energetic exercises are also a fundamental part of the program.
The concrete content of the program remains a surprise, of course, but I will take you along the different pieces of yourself. And HERE you can find more information about the general program (link to RETREATS – General information)

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This is what you get

  • You are more in touch with your self-care capacity.
  • You have greater self-awareness and more freedom of choice in your behavior.
  • You'll feel recharged and ready for a new year of work.
  • You have tools to take this flow with you throughout your working year.
  • You got to know yourself in a different way.
  • You feel more powerful and gentle towards yourself and others.
  • You had a good laugh.

Investment in yourself


Wat is er allemaal inbegrepen:

  • Six days Therapeutic Retreat on the Greek island of Naxos.
  • Intensive guidance by an experienced trainer/psychotherapist for more than 24 hours.
  • A yoga session with a certified local yoga teacher.
  • Trips to meaningful locations on the island, during the workshop.
  • Use of all creative materials.
  • The certainty of being able to work in a small group (max 6 people).
  • Your personal I Ousía – Tote Bag, including a map of the island, a drinking bottle, journal and pen.
  • Coffee, tea and water during the sessions and of course cake, biscuits and fresh fruit.
  • Use of all facilities.
  • A reception and light lunch at the finish.
  • Personal advice on travel and accommodation.

Excludes accommodation, flight and insurance.

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You can also opt for a TOTAL PACKAGE!

You will stay in the authentic Magic Land, where manager Argyro knows how to spoil you. All rooms have a terrace, Wi-Fi, a private bathroom and basic cooking facilities. No meals are offered, but you can count on hotel service (maintenance, sheets and towels). Magic land is 100 meters from the beach and 150 meters from the I OUSÍA area - so comfortably close.

Wat is er allemaal inbegrepen:

  • No searching and hesitation for you. I'll take care of everything for you.
  • 5 nights / 6 days stay in a private room with bathroom and kitchinette. (Possibility to extend your stay or opt for an apartment with a separate bedroom – prices on request.).
  • Meet and Greet: You will be met in person at the port or the airport. We will drive by the shop for the first purchases and take the 'tourist route' so you can get an idea of the area and finally I will take you to Magic Land and show you where to find the I Ousía space. .

For the Retreat including stay in a private room

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