For organizations and teams


Are you looking for a training that will get you off your chair from time to time?
Want a more creative approach?
Do you want to get away from well-trodden paths?

Dare to be different!


In the training courses I offer, we always work very interactively. My background as an improvisational theatre actress and trainer at TIM / Inspinach is partly responsible for this.
When we play, our brain is most open to learning, as scientific research has confirmed.

So no boring PowerPoint presentations, but roll up your sleeves!

Doing, thinking and experiencing in a perfect balance.

Possible themes

Giving Feedback
Recognizing and recognizing qualities and pitfalls
Dealing with stress / burnout prevention
The Psychology of Selves (Voice Dialogue) translated into group interactions.
Improvisational theatre techniques translated into everyday skills.

Team coaching and team building

Customization is a matter of course.

Prices and availability on request.

Meer info

Extra themes especially for the 'social sector'

  • Theatre Therapy Methods
  • Working with stories and metaphors
  • Art Therapy Methodologies
  • Working with groups
  • Basic skills for first responders
  • Secondary traumatization
  • Ofman's Core Quadrant
  • Psychotrauma