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Red bones
Or how the Psychology of Selves make your life easier.


The Psychology of Selves is a way of looking at man. It assumes that we are made up of different selves, selves, sub-personalities. It is a view that is now used by various psychotherapeutic movements. For example, it forms the basis of Voice Dialogue, developed by Hal and Sidra Stone.

But it transcends psychotherapy. This vision carries so much mildness and growth potential that it is a shame that it is not a common good.
An understanding and awareness of these pieces can make our lives easier; can help us look differently at (the behaviour of) the other; can allow us to be more free in life.


It is my mission to make this theory widely accessible. I do this in an accessible way.
The working method allows a large audience to be reached. And yet an intense experience is guaranteed.

If desired, the lecture can be supplemented with workshops.

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  • Duration: 45 - 60 minutes
  • Target audience: everyone. So it's ideal for your staff day, study day, conference...
  • If desired, the lecture can be supplemented with workshops.
  • Prices and availability on request.