I’m Agnes

Connecting people with each other, helping companies attract talent and supporting them in their growth, is the common thread in my work. It gave me energy in my 30-year career in the corporate world as an HR Consultant, Headhunter, Talent & Business Partner and Career Coach.

With a background in Commercial Engineering and fascinated by personal growth and leadership development, I filled my backpack with wisdom from Solution Focused Coaching, NLP, Voice Dialogue, Holding Space and bodywork.

In addition to being a professional matchmaker, I am a seeker of meaning and a feeler of atmosphere.
I love my first coffee and the first rays of sunshine,
of words and images that touch,
of lightness and depth together,
of a touch of mystery and playfulness.

I am someone who enjoys life in the city with all its stories
but also needs the tranquility of nature.
I am an adventurer, a passionate world traveler who loves to be outdoors and on the road; Enjoying the overwhelming nature, the warm encounters, the simple and pure life.

In recent years, I started walking more.
In search of my own rhythm and path.
Closer to my own nature.

At the end of 2022 I walked a part (400 km 😉 ) of the Portuguese Camino to Santiago de Compostela. Already there the idea of a Greek Camino was bubbling.

I feel privileged to be able to accompany this first Walk on the Wild Side . So that you too can walk your own path on this beautiful island.