About the Retreats

“There is a before and after Naxos.”
That phrase has been around for a few years now.

But there is also a before and after when it comes to the retreats…
And one during, of course.

A little more explanation.


It is always a six-day route, starting Sunday afternoon and ending on Friday afternoon. You can count on a minimum of 24 hours of working time. (Sometimes travel takes a little extra time.)
We advise you to provide the following Saturdays as travel days. On the one hand so that you have time to ‘land’ before we start work, on the other hand so that you have time to let the experience sink in before returning home.
Of course you are free to add a few extra days, Naxos is more than worth it.

Note: The new retreat ‘Walk on the Wild Side‘ is the exception to the rule: this is a seven-day retreat.


We choose a limited group of a maximum of 6 people to ensure intimacy and intensity.
Also here with the exception of ‘Walk on the Wild Side‘, where 8 people are welcome. Two supervisors are provided here.

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Preliminary phase

Upon registration, you will receive an intake form. In it, we gauge your expectations and experience in the field of self-detonation. In this way, we guarantee good coordination.

If desired or indicated, an online introductory meeting is possible.


During the retreat

The first day we start in the afternoon with an introductory session.
The following days there are sessions in the morning and/or evening.
The afternoons are free for personal reflection and integration and of course for enjoyment.
There is always one free morning and afternoon, so you can explore the island.
The last day we take the time to integrate what you have learned / experienced even further so that you can really take it home with you.
We wrap up in an informal way with a reception and light lunch.

The exact working hours depend on the time of year and will be discussed on the first day.



After the retreat you will receive a document with some reminders.
In addition, we share photos that visually anchor some important moments.

If desired, a further individual follow-up can be chosen. (not included in the price)
You have the choice of a Package or a Trajectory.

The Package includes 5 one-on-one conversations with Suzanne. These can take place online or live in Mechelen or Naxos.
The Trajectory combines one-on-one conversations with wake-up assignments and reminders.
More information about this during the retreat.


Each retreat uses a variety of (creative) therapeutic methods including meditation, yoga, circle conversation, play, writing, walking, moving, crafting, experiencing, painting, listening, artistic expression, rituals, practicing new behavior, making music, singing, dancing, experiencing, introspection, slowing down, stories, working on or in the water…

So the approach is very experiential, we are going to experience and feel. But all this is, of course, based on the art and skill of psychotherapy. The content is scientifically substantiated. The background is integrative with a focus on Voice Dialogue and the psychology of the selves of Hal and Sidra Stone. The guidance is in the hands of Suzanne Kempeneers, who has 30 years of experience as a group worker and psychotherapist.


We work in a nice room with a view of the sea. Where possible, the island’s treasures are also used. Naxos offers beautiful nature and a lot of energetic places.
Depending on the theme, activities are organized at appropriate locations. In any case, the sea and the beach are used, which are within walking distance of the I Ousía spot.

Meer info

Did you know

  • Are you a bookworm? And do you like to read something in advance?
  • Most retreats refer to the Psychology of the Selves and Voice Dialogue.
  • A very accessible book about this is: 'I (k)en mijn ikken' by Karin Brugman Judith Budde.