Who is Suzanne?

You can choose: you want a story, some words or you want to see something?

Suzanne, the story:

When I introduce myself, do I have to talk about my education? How I ended up in a therapeutic world after my bachelor in social work and my master in criminology. And that I took several classes in that area? 
How I started my own business for psychotherapy, coaching and supervision after having worked for years in a Mental Health Centre?
Do I have to explain that I work as an improvisational theatre-actress and -trainer with Inspinazie Nue and that you often find me on stage?
Do I have to say I’m a teacher at Educational Acadamy in Antwerp and a trainer for Itinera, concerning communication- and stress-themes?
Or is that too practical and factual?

Maybe you want to know what kind of person I am.
I could tell you about this friend of mine who wanted to pin out my personality in three words. She took ‘passion, adventure and depth’.
I could tell you about how I choose ‘Depth with bubbles and sparkle’ as a slogan for myself once.
Maybe I have to mention that I love my work and the variety in it and that I would fade without it.
Or that I love travelling and photography. And of course the Cycladic islands.

Maybe I should write about how happy I am. And that I have abundance, so I love to share.

Or maybe I just have to explain I’m a woman who feels, thinks and acts. One who believes in experiencing and connection.

You can’t really get to know me by reading about me. These are only words. Beautiful words maybe. But actually I would prefer you to experience me.
And where could you do that better than on a paradise-island, where we can play and experiment, talk and analyse. And where we have time for real contact.

Suzanne in words

A mindmap:

Suzanne in pictures

Questions? Just contact me!



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