I ousia: Beyond words, you will find what you have always been looking for.

Freya - Voice Dialogue Facilitator

Just pressing the pause button, taking a moment to experience what moves me. Suzanne and Naxos took me on a voyage of discovery to come home to myself.

Ursula - teacher

Coming from the (sometimes tough) business / show world, I landed in a totally different world.
Soulcare for caretakers … hard to describe what such a seminar can do for a man / manager.
I also took this course last year and this year it was surprisingly different and at least as inspiring. This thanks to the professional guidance, for which a lot of respect.
Thanks also to the fellow students who, after all, were very approachable.
Because of them and Suzanne it was easier for me to go along in a wonderful flow. Really recommended!

Roland - Manager

With playfulness and lightness, Suzanne allowed us to experiment with our caretakers with a profound and healing effect on soul level, even months afterwards. Talk about soul-care!

Krista - Psychotherapist

Looking for peace and reflection, while being completely zapped out of the daily grind.

The focus is on experiential learning, and for that reason the most valuable insights appeared at most unexpected moments. Suzanne is a wonderful, cordial host who arranges a warm environment (literally) in a island of insight.

Charlotte - Actor

(…)  I don’t twitter, but these hashtags would fit: #almostperfect #Itdoesntgetmuchbetter

Katlijn - Genderatwork

From now on a ‘before and after Naxos’ exists.
Freedom, space, safety, playfulness and depth.
A connection with yourself, the other and the bigger picture.
The sea in all colors of life ….
And last but not least, Suzanne who, lovingly, with the right distance and transparency, manages everything beautifully.

Don’t hesitate, just do it!

Eva - Teacher

The workshop offered a positive and gentle look at yourself in a playful and creative way. I was pleasantly surprised with the connection with the group, the light-hearted way in which deep processes were started unconsciously and the super guidance by Suzanne who facilitates this with great softness and ensures a wonderful week ‘coming home together in yourself’. And then there is the magic of Naxos … it was a blissful, intense and wonderful week. Thank you!

Els - Physiotherapist

Thanks to your workshop I was able to allow myself to really take time and reflect on myself, surrounded by warm people in a paradise setting. I have come a step closer to myself and have enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing holiday feeling. Thanks.

Hélène - Psychologist


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