I ousia: Beyond words, you will find what you have always been looking for.

Freya - Voice Dialogue Facilitator

Just pressing the pause button, taking a moment to experience what moves me. Suzanne and Naxos took me on a voyage of discovery to come home to myself.

Ursula - teacher

Coming from the (sometimes tough) business / show world, I landed in a totally different world.
Soulcare for caretakers … hard to describe what such a seminar can do for a man / manager.
I also took this course last year and this year it was surprisingly different and at least as inspiring. This thanks to the professional guidance, for which a lot of respect.
Thanks also to the fellow students who, after all, were very approachable.
Because of them and Suzanne it was easier for me to go along in a wonderful flow. Really recommended!

Roland - Manager

With playfulness and lightness, Suzanne allowed us to experiment with our caretakers with a profound and healing effect on soul level, even months afterwards. Talk about soul-care!

Krista - Psychotherapist

Looking for peace and reflection, while being completely zapped out of the daily grind.

The focus is on experiential learning, and for that reason the most valuable insights appeared at most unexpected moments. Suzanne is a wonderful, cordial host who arranges a warm environment (literally) in a island of insight.

Charlotte - Actor

(…)  I don’t twitter, but these hashtags would fit: #almostperfect #Itdoesntgetmuchbetter

Katlijn - Genderatwork

From now on a ‘before and after Naxos’ exists.
Freedom, space, safety, playfulness and depth.
A connection with yourself, the other and the bigger picture.
The sea in all colors of life ….
And last but not least, Suzanne who, lovingly, with the right distance and transparency, manages everything beautifully.

Don’t hesitate, just do it!

Eva - Teacher

The workshop offered a positive and gentle look at yourself in a playful and creative way. I was pleasantly surprised with the connection with the group, the light-hearted way in which deep processes were started unconsciously and the super guidance by Suzanne who facilitates this with great softness and ensures a wonderful week ‘coming home together in yourself’. And then there is the magic of Naxos … it was a blissful, intense and wonderful week. Thank you!

Els - Physiotherapist

Thanks to your workshop I was able to allow myself to really take time and reflect on myself, surrounded by warm people in a paradise setting. I have come a step closer to myself and have enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing holiday feeling. Thanks.

Hélène - Psychologist

Hello Suzanne,
Back home and just back to work, I like to reflect on the past week which is a unique experience for me and will always remain.
A trip to beautiful Naxos and a journey in search of an important part of myself.
In your pleasant studio with sea and beach view
With your way of working,
With your warm personality and cordiality

I discovered in a creative way,
how to enjoy the moment,
how to learn more about yourself,
how you get insight in patterns,
how to deal with certain situations,
how you can hold on,
how it feels to let go.
The fog in my head that I had at the beginning gave way somewhat to some rays of sunshine.
The palpitations that are bothering me are still there but seem less heavy, less overpowering.
My homemade talisman now hangs on my mirror where I look every morning.  It then says hello to me and brings me a smile.

This unique experience is forever in my heart.

Thank you Suzanne for who you are, for what you do and thank you for the beautiful pictures, I am sooo happy with them.


Naxos, Naxos, Naxos, Naxos, Naxos,…

It helps to repeat a word a few times sometimes to be able to deeply feel its meaning as well.

It has been a few weeks now and the word Naxos will forever have an image, smell and feeling linked to I Ousia. I can see myself then stepping from my lodging to Suzanne’s studio, lovely through the Aegean sea in the morning, sunshine already bright and the (sometimes ominous South) wind on my body.
There, in Naxos, after some very tough years and months, I was finally able to really rearrange some things in experience. The love-hate battle with my past, my long relationship that ended and especially the harshness towards ‘me’.
There is something about the air, the location and the set up of the workshop that make for long lasting change. Therefore, the effect was not ‘in your face’ right there, but does something over time.
Both time and insights move forward and that is what makes free to be so special to me. It was high time for me to exchange my self-criticism and harshness for acceptance.
I think I have succeeded. From now on, my golden edge is close to ‘me’.

With great faith and trust in Suzanne’s method, I gently encourage you to participate.





About searching and daring to find
About a universe that brings things on your path and you may (must?) choose them
About responsibility
About new encounters with old souls
About stories that touch and stir things up
About Zeus, Hermes and Ares
(Oh…hello there Ares )
About Athena and Aphrodite
Aphrodite at last  

About wisdom, chats and laughing fits
About depth and lightness
About good food, good wine and blissful beaches
About starry skies and campfires…
About so much more and just enough.

Thank you Suzanne for making such a wonderful place for us!

I wish everyone some Naxos in time. About life, about love, about the essence 


I wrote it before…a week on Naxos with Suzanne is a gift to yourself.

And I realize…that may sound like a lot…giving yourself a whole week. Away from work, family and obligations …
I can only say: we should all do that more often. It is really not so insurmountable. We really can be missed for a week … (or even better 3 weeks )
I can never find the right words to describe how enriching and important (!) it is to occasionally take the time to step out of the business, the hectic live and the obligations.
It is so important, so necessary and yet we do it so little …

A week of discovery, enjoyment, rest and reflection. Together with people who also know all the challenges but always in freedom because it is YOUR week. And all that under the knowledgeable, warm and accessible guidance of Suzanne.
Wise, passionate woman, guide…friend.
Please, grant it to yourself 
That same work, family, environment…they will be thankful for it. Just believe me.


And some reactions about the Deep Dive Day – Thank you for the trust Saar, Dieter, Mieke, Krisje, Annelien, Hélène!

***   Deep Dive day: ‘what’s in a name’ certainly applies here! When I saw the publicity for this on my Instagram, I was immediately enthusiastic. I could use it, a day of vacation for myself (or so I thought at the time). It was quite an adventure.
£And that we went deep is a given. The results were just as good. Despite the fact that I had chosen a somewhat difficult ‘problem’, and that during the day I have seen the four corners of my practice space every now and then, I was and am very happy with the outcome(s).
Suzanne not only succeeded in taking me out of the resistance, but she also perfectly pinpointed where the shoes pinched. That pinched shoe was then lovingly returned with the utmost respect so that I could feel where more space and love was needed.
I would say that it is worth repeating within about six months. Highly recommended for those who are not afraid of the Abysse!

***   Being on the road all day long with your own feeling and thinking.                                                                                           Carried by an invisible and also very visible presence of Suzanne. Just that word or was it the compassionate tone, acknowledging feedback, a stimulating assignment … It’s nice to give yourself this time and space. It is wonderful to have a (psycho) coach with you the whole day, close by or with the necessary distance to process your process.

***   (…) And it was wonderful. The day immediately started with some unexpected questions (not the classic “tell me about it”) which immediately made me look at things from a different angle. (…)
I don’t advertise very often, but in this case I’m happy to make an exception.
Deep Dive Day with Suzanne is highly recommended for anyone who wants to work longer on themes, issues, supervision questions, … with a very creative and skilled therapist.

***   (…) Because that is what I experience as your strength Suzanne, that you are close and yet ‘at a distance’ so that what is heavy does not become too heavy. Which makes room for other, literally lighter things. Thank you for that.

***   What a great idea, such a deep dive day. I am glad that you offer it and I am proud that I have freed up this day. And I am grateful also for all your time and involved presence.

***   Hey Suzanne, I wanted to give you a heads up since it’s partly thanks to you, (…)! After years of stagnation, there is movement again (…). Thanks again for the deep dive!


Send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.




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