Offer for Individuals and couples

You don’t like groups? No problem! You are welcome to come by yourself or with your / a partner.

Reboost your Female Power – for Female Entrepeneurs and Busy Ladies

It’s the ultimate burn-out-prevention! Make yourself a priority and learn ànd relax.

Soulcare for Caretakers – for people working in care

After all the caring for others, you choose to take time for yourself. And remember: no ‘musts’.

Knowing me, knowing you – a (re-)connecting vacation for couples

If you get to know yourself better and I get to know myself better,
you can help me to understand you better and I can teach you to understand me better.

In that way we can connect on a deeper level and a new ‘we’ will appear.

Discover your Lover – for singles

When you are single you sometimes start doubting… can I? Yes you can! We take time to look back and forward we go!

We can also completely adjust the program to your personal needs.


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